What are Tasks?



Tasks assist you in working with a team in Raven. Tasks can also be assigned to a link from Link Manager when you're adding or editing a link record, through social media tools, or from CRM if you'd like to assign a task to a contact.

Stop, collaborate and listen

If you're working with a team in Raven, you can easily identify tasks for your colleagues to follow up on. This could be anything from responding to a negative post on Twitter to adding backlinks to Link Manager to engaging a contact in your CRM.

Schedule your tasks and stay ahead of the game

Is there something that you need to do every two weeks? Every month? Every quarter? You can set up tasks that will automatically recur on the schedule that you set. Task Manager will recreate tasks without needing any intervention on your part.

Keep an eye on all of your tasks

Whether they're due, overdue or completed, you can use Raven's filtering options to keep an eye on your task listing. Need to hunt down an old completed task when working on a report to a client? No problem! All of this information is stored for your convenience.

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