How do I change my notification settings?



By default, Raven will automatically email you alerts for Site Auditor, Link Manager, tasks and ordered content. But, this can get overwhelming quick — especially if you don't necessarily need emails for all of these tools. Changing these settings is simple:

  1. Navigate to User Menu > Change Notifications.
  2. Switch your notifications for each entry on or off. Link Change Alerts and Social Monitor Alerts can be customized down to the Profile level.
  3. Click the Save Settings button.

This will preserve your notifications settings. These settings are specifically for your user account — other users will need to customize their own settings.

What are these alerts?

There are a total of eight alerts that can be changed in Raven:

  • Newly Assigned Tasks: Instances when someone assigns you a task in Raven.
  • Overdue Tasks: Instances when your assigned task has reached its set due date.
  • Textbroker Placed/Ready/Accepted Alerts: Status messages for your ordered content, alerting you to their progress through Textbroker's system.
  • Textbroker Other Alerts: Any other changes to your Textbroker order, including rejections.
  • Site Auditor Alerts: A notice of your crawl in Site Auditor completing. This only goes to the person who first initiated the Site Auditor crawl.
  • Link Change Alerts: Based on your Link Monitoring settings, the changes to your links in Link Manager.

Each alert can be modified on the Change Notifications screen.

Do Notifications Expire?

Yes, system alerts and basic notifications are automatically deleted in Raven after six months. These are the alerts that are set in the Change Notifications screen.

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